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Can’t find love?

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Can’t find love?

Some of these are unbelievable but they’re all true. Most were submitted by readers.
Please submit your own pet-peeves and we’ll add them to the list.
  1. Use a coupon on your first date
  2. Flirt with Bed Head
  3. Turn-up for your first date 6 months pregnant
  4. Brush your teeth once a week
  5. Throw yourself at people
  6. Turn down all social invitations
  7. Talk about your previous sexual conquests
  8. Be high maintenance and make lots of unreasonable demands
  9. Flirt with the waitress instead of your date
  10. Bite your nails so your fingers tell people you are a stressed-out, nervous wreck
  11. Let hair grow where it shouldn’t
  12. Avoid making eye contact when you meet someone for the first time
  13. Act bored and be sarcastic
  14. Gossip a lot
  15. Wear cheap or badly fitting clothes
  16. Assure yourself – and tell everyone you know – that love at first sight is a load of baloney
  17. Send mixed signals, like smiling when you are angry
  18. Dive at your date slobber all over his or her face when you are drunk on the first date
  19. Do plenty of criticizing, condemning and complaining
  20. Eat with your mouth open and if possible make lots of noise
  21. Slouch
  22. Interrupt people when they are talking
  23. Have unreasonable expectations of other people
  24. Never smile
  25. Tell yourself you are useless, unattractive and worthless every time you run into rejection
  26. Snort when you laugh
  27. Make sure your fingernails are dirty and chipped
  28. Talk loudly in the middle of a movie at the cinema or at the theatre……or church……library…etc.
  29. Tell lies
  30. Constantly pull your pants up
  31. Check out everyone of the opposite sex in the room instead of your date
  32. Spend lots of time looking at yourself in the mirror or shop windows as you pass
  33. Always bring the conversation back to yourself
  34. Constantly yank up your bra strap
  35. Overload your perfume or aftershave
  36. If you smoke make sure your clothes smell of tobacco
  37. Break wind in public
  38. Dress as if you were 20 years younger than you really are
  39. Act like you know it all
  40. Forget to flirt
  41. Avoid entertaining
  42. Wear business socks with sandals
  43. Sit with your legs wide open in social situations
  44. Go to bed early every night
  45. Avoid traveling46.Use standoffish body language and tone of voice so people feel uncomfortable and distrustful around you
  46. Spit in the street (this works especially well if you’re a woman)
  47. Become a hypochondriac
  48. Ask stupid rhetorical questions like, “what do you think you look likeke?”
  49. Pick at your acne
  50. Use loads of foul language
  51. Get addicted to TV, video games or the Internet
  52. Act like a victim and feel sorry for yourself all the time
  53. Wear clothes 2 sizes too small so people will have ammunition to criticize you
  54. Phone people in the middle of the night (especially after a couple of cocktails)
  55. Wear a poorly-fitting toupee
  56. Let spit fly out of your mouth when you talk
  57. Be a hermit
  58. Change the subject abruptly in the middle of a conversation
  59. Make sure your attitude says, I don’t like you and you don’t want to like me
  60. Talk about your ailments
  61. Look around the room when someone is talking to you
  62. Scratch a lot
  63. Have no hobbies or interests
  64. Fold your arms when talking to other people
  65. Be inflexible and unwilling to change
  66. Gain plenty of excess weight
  67. Cough without covering your mouth
  68. Ask closed questions (ones that beg yes/no answers) to stifle conversation and close people down
  69. Get drunk as often as possible
  70. Act frigid and aloof
  71. When you’re in a conversation with someone you don’t know, keep touching them on the arm or the back, even though you just met
  72. Pick your teeth and eat what you find
  73. Anticipate what the other person is going to say and butt in
  74. Wear dirty clothes
  75. Pick your nose when you think no-one is looking
  76. Talk about stuff no one wants to know about like your haemorrhoids or your mother
  77. Scare people with your driving
  78. Talk more than you listen
  79. Talk about how much money your ex makes
  80. Hang up the phone without saying goodbye
  81. Wipe your nose on your sleeve
  82. Always aim for sex on the first date
  83. Chain smoke
  84. Be a lazy conversationalist: don’t try to establish a connection or common ground
  85. Be hard to please
  86. Don’t give physical and emotional feedback
  87. Fall asleep when someone is talking to you
  88. Play with your crotch in public
  89. Decide that you are not interested in trust and intimacy
  90. Try to change others to what you want them to be
  91. Stay out of touch with current affairs
  92. Talk on your cell phone during a date
  93. Do drugs
  94. Wash your hair twice a month (or less)
  95. Put your face right up against people when you talk to them
  96. Go overboard trying to impress people
  97. Monopolize conversations
  98. Burp in public
  99. Leave food stains on your clothing
  100. Ask embarrassing personal questions
  101. Don’t wear deodorant
  102. Turn conversations into belligerent arguments
  103. Brag about how much money you make
  104. Close yourself off to as many new experiences as possible
  105. Don’t clean your living space
  106. Don’t wash your car
  107. Don’t vacuum your car
  108. Argue as much as possible over minor issues
  109. Eat garlic and/or onions before a date
  110. Keep a vicious animal as a pet
  111. Let infestations form in your attic or refrigerator
  112. Talk on your cell phone in the car, in a restaurant, anywhere where you and your “date” are….especially in front of your date….Oh and don’t forget to talk really loud, so everyone can hear your end of the conversation.


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100 Kegunaan Pasta Gigi yang Tak Terduga

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Pasta gigi: itu memutihkan, mencerahkan, mengharumkan,
menghilangkan noda, dan mengembalikan dan melindungi enamel.
Tapi kemampuan membersihkan pasta gigi bisa di aplikasikan pada
banyak hal selain gigi. 

1. Menghilangkan Noda Bekas Air Pada Permukaan Furnitur Kayu
Sisa noda air pada permukaan furnitur kayu bisa lenyap dalam sekejap
dengan olesan pasta gigi, dibandingkan bila kita membersihkannya hanya
dengan kain basah saja; tanpa perlu digosok-gosok lagi
2. Menghapus Noda Krayon
Oleskan setetes kecil pasta gigi (bukan yang berbentuk gel)
di dinding di mana noda berada .
Gosok lembut dengan kain halus, kemudian bilas dengan air hangat.
Anda mungkin terkejut melihat hasilnya!
3. Menghilangkan Bau Tangan

Tidak bisa hilangkan bau bawang putih atau bawang merah dari tangan? 
Coba cuci tangan dengan gumpalan pasta gigi.
4. Memutihkan Sepatu Karet (Sneaker)
Gosok daerah lecet pada sepatu karet dengan pasta gigi  (bukan yang 
berbentuk gel). Gunakan sikat gigi bekas agar praktis dan efektif.
5. Melicinkan DVD 
Singkirkan goresan pada kepingan DVD/CD dengan kapas plus sedikit pasta
gigi  (bukan yang berbentuk gel) . Usap permukaanya dari pusat ke tepi.
Kemudian, bilas sedikit dengan air dan keringkan dengan sebuah kain
bebas serat.

6. Membuat Sejuk Pada Luka Bakar Kecil

Untuk luka bakar kecil yang tidak melibatkan luka terbuka, pasta gigi 
dapat memberikan pendinginan sementara. Terapkan dengan hati-hati untuk
daerah yang terkena luka bakar segera setelah berkembang; itu sementara
mengurangi sengatan dan mencegah luka melepuh dan terbuka.

7. Membersihkan Noda Pada Lemari Es

Biasanya bila Lemari Es jarang kita bersihkan, lama lama tampak noda
noda flek kuning di bagian dalamnya. Untuk menghilangkan atau
membersihkannya, ambilah pasta gigi berwarna putih lalu oleskan pada
bagian dalam lemari es

yang bernoda setelah itu gosoklah menggunakan kain / lap bersih.

 8. Mencerahkan Warna Mesin Cuci yang Sudah Tampak Kusam
Tekniknya tidak jauh berbeda dengan membersihkan refrigerator, kita
gosokan pasta gigi berwarna putih menggunakan kain flanel pada mesin
cuci yang telah kusam itu. Cara seperti itu bisa diterapkan juga pada
peralatan dapur lainnya seperti mixer, rice cooker, blender serta kompor

9. Memperkecil Ukuran Noda Wajah

Ingin mempercepat penyembuhan jerawat? Oleskan satu titik kecil pasta
gigi ke daerah yang terkena pada malam hari sebelum tidur. Mencucinya di
 pagi hari.

10. Bersihkan Kuku Anda


Gigi terbuat dari enamel, dan pasta gigi baik bagi mereka, sehingga
masuk akal bahwa pasta gigi juga akan baik untuk kuku kita. Bersih,
bersinar, dan lebih kuat, hanya dengan menggosok di bawah dan bagian
atas kuku dengan sikat gigi dan pasta gigi.
11. Menghapus Noda di Tekstil 
Pasta gigi bisa membuat noda berat pada pakaian dan karpet menghilang.
Untuk pakaian, langsung gosokkan pasta gigi ke noda dan gosok cepat
sampai noda hilang, lalu cuci seperti biasa. (Perhatikan bahwa dengan
menggunakan pasta gigi pemutih, warna kain kadang-kadang bisa
berkurang.) Untuk noda karpet, oleskan pasta gigi dan gosok noda itu
dengan sikat kasar, lalu bilas dengan segera.
12. Membuat Perhiasan Emas dan Perak Berkilau 

 Gosokkan pasta gigi ke perhiasan perhiasan dan biarkan semalam.
Lap bersih dengan kain yang lembut di pagi hari.

13. Menghilangkan Bau Botol Bayi 

 Botol bayi dapat meninggalkan bau susu asam. Bersihkan dengan pasta
gigi. Ingat, setelahnya harus dibilas sampai benar-benar bersih.

14. Hapus Kerak Terbakar Pada Besi 

Oleskan pada peralatan besi yang berkerak karena panas.
Seperti piring besi, sendok makan, setrika dsb
15. Defog Kacamata Renang
 Penyelam, perenang, dan para atlet mungkin sudah tahu tentang sedikit
trik praktis ini: Gosokkan titik kecil pasta gigi ke dalam setiap lensa
kacamata Anda, lalu bilas dengan saksama, dan voila! Tidak akan ada
kebutuhan untuk membeli defogger gel yang mahal lagi. Hindari menggosok
terlalu keras, bahan abrasif dalam pasta gigi dapat menggores lensa

16 s/d 100 adalah kreativitas kalian sendiri 
dalam mengunakan pasta gigi.
janggan lupa tinggalkan komentar atau tips pasta gigi kalian yah <(" ) 

sumber : http://www.indowebster.web.id/showthread.php?t=145873&p=8773978&viewfull=1#post8773978 
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Allowing Negative Feelings

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One of the more difficult aspects of being a parent is dealing with our children's negative feelings. There are a number of reasons why this is so, some of which come from our own experiences with parents and some out of a need to see our children happy. If you come from the old school of parenting, then you learned as a child that expressing your negative feelings such as anger, disappointment, sadness, frustration, and so forth, was a sign of weakness, or perhaps it signified that you were just being ill-mannered or self-centered. The old saying "If you don't stop crying, I'll give you something to cry about," captures one sort of attempt to suppress such feelings in children. Another approach is to ignore the negative outpouring while also bombarding the child with as many positive anecdotes as you can in an attempt to maybe cover up or overcome the situation. Yet another attempt is simply to fix the problem so that the negative feelings disappear. In each of these cases the end result is the same: the child senses that the expression of such feelings is not okay and that it would be best to try and suppress them. This can have far reaching effects not only for children, but also for adults who have successfully learned to suppress negative feelings. The problem is that emotional suppression usually leads to other deleterious effects on our overall functioning and happiness. By suppressing our negative feelings and reactions, we create holes in reality that leave us second-guessing ourselves and prevent us from knowing the full picture of who we are and what we can do. In other words, the suppression of negative feelings ultimately ties up our good feelings too so that we find ourselves operating in very tight, rigid boxes that constrict the total personality and leave us sometimes with inexplicable reactions such as depression or anxiety.

For parents, it is important to learn how to allow our children to express their negative feelings, and then to channel those feelings into positive activity. This is much more difficult than it may sound because what is required of parents is that they actually contain their children's pain at times without trying to get rid of it, suppress it, or simply by-pass it. It might help to begin by looking at how we go about suppressing negative feelings and reactions and then discussing a corrective method for allowing them. See if you can find yourself in any of the types that are discussed below.

The Fix-It Approach

The "fix-it" approach is aimed at taking away the child's pain as quickly as possible, almost before it can be felt. Let's say Suzie comes home from school and is very upset that several of her friends have been invited to spend the night at Joanna's house on Saturday, but Suzie wasn't invited. Mom reacts by whisking Suzie off to the mall and buying her several new outfits of her choice, and then maybe taking her out to lunch with a promise to have a slumber party of her own in several weeks. Suzie reacts well. Within no time at all she is smiling and looking forward to her slumber party. You might ask, "So what's wrong with offering a slumber party as an alternative here?" Well maybe nothing, however, the problem is that no time was given to Suzie to adequately feel and express her disappointment and hurt at being left out. Worse yet, Suzie is being taught a coping mechanism that will cause her problems down the road: When your feeling disappointed or unhappy, reward yourself - go shopping! There is nothing wrong in cheering up your disappointed child, but first it's important to let them have the experience of the disappointment, and then help them figure out the best way to cope with it. Moreover, the cure must be something that will have healthy long-term consequences, not create a new problem behavior or habit.

The "Just Get Over It" Approach

This one goes along with the "just put it behind you" approach. Going back to Suzie's situation, Mom might say, "Hey, everyone gets left out sometimes. Come on, just smile and shrug it off." That doesn't really sound so bad. After all, it is true that everyone experiences rejection at some time or another, and it is something we all have to deal with sooner or later. The problem in this scenario, though, is that the feelings have not been dealt with at all, but rather the message imparted is to just get rid of them without giving them any attention whatsoever. Over time, children interpret the "just get over it" approach as a value judgement in which negative feelings, particularly those that cause emotional pain, are weak or silly and maybe even unacceptable. As the child practices "getting over it" quickly and succinctly, they may develop the even more dangerous habit of not allowing themselves to feel painful reactions at all, but to suppress them before they come to the surface. This is highly dangerous because it nullifies the capacity to listen to certain emotional warnings that are necessary to make healthy decisions. The young man who has learned not to feel rejection may plunge headlong into relationships where he is repeatedly rejected and trammeled upon because he can't access his own emotional warning system.

The "Children Are Starving in China" Approach

This one might sound quite familiar to many of you as one your parents used quite often. Someone is always having a more difficult time than you are, and that translates to mean your feelings are not important in the larger scheme of things. Suzie's hurt feelings about being left out of the slumber party is nothing compared to the pain starving children feel. Well yes, that is true. But does that mean that Suzie shouldn't feel any pain at all at being left out? Yes, that's exactly the message Suzie is being given. "Your feelings really aren't important here, because others feel more pain than you do." It can be helpful to place one's own seemingly negative circumstances within the larger picture sometimes. It can allow us to draw ourselves out of a sort of wallowing, self-pitying pattern. However, we must first learn how to feel, express, and understand our own reactions before figuring out how best to cope with them. It's fine to help children gain a larger picture of humanity, and in fact it's a good idea. It's not a good idea to use that picture to mollify or belittle a child's emotional pain, no matter how trite it may seem to the adult. It's through the experience of our own emotionally painful experiences that we are able to understand and identify with the pain of others.

The "My Problems Are Bigger Than Yours" Approach

When Jeremy has a melt-down on the way home from school because he couldn't find a picture he drew that day in his backpack, it can feel like punishment after a long day at the office where you were criticized by your boss, saddled with too much work to do in too little time, and had to deal with gossipy co-workers that were taking stabs at each other. The most natural response to Jeremy would be to say something along the lines of "Knock it off. You don't know what trouble is!" And, of course you are right. He has no idea what it's like to be in your shoes. The difficulty here is that what's needed is to separate your stress from Jeremy's experience. By overpowering Jeremy's feelings with yours, you are communicating to him that his feelings are insignificant and not worthy of consideration. Parents who consistently meet their children's emotionally painful expressions with statements like "just wait until you're an adult," or "why don't you watch the news for ten minutes" are sending the message that such feelings should be suppressed and worse yet, not addressed.

A Better Approach

So how should parents deal with children's negative emotions and expressions? The first rule is to simply allow them to occur. This is not so easy. It means that parents must be able to endure the feeling expressed and at the same time encourage a thorough enough expression so that the child feels understood. In essence, what this means is that the parent plays the role of facilitator and container at the same time. You facilitate the expression of the emotion while also containing the feeling without any attempt to get rid of it, bypass it, or suppress it.
Let's take these two tasks one at a time. To facilitate the expression, the parent needs to draw out the feeling by asking leading questions, listening carefully to the responses, and reflecting back what is heard. Going back to Suzie in the early example, let's walk through the process. As Suzie comes in the door from school and tells you she is very upset, you would respond by asking questions about exactly what happened, how she learned that the other girls had been invited to the friend's house, where was she when she heard about it, how did she feel when she heard about it, and what did she do next. Maybe she cried, or went to the bathroom so no one would see how she felt, and so forth. You want to get an almost visual picture of what happened while keeping very attuned to the development of feelings along the way. Maybe Suzie felt hurt at some points in the process, disappointed at others, and perhaps angry at being left behind. Help her elaborate not only the events, but also her feelings along the way and her emotional reactions. As she tells you what happened, reflect back to her what you think she is saying. It's like a check and balance to be sure that you understand what happened, how she felt, and as a result, can now really empathize with her.
That's the facilitation piece. Now for the containing piece. Actually, this takes place as you facilitate the conversation. By allowing Suzie to recount every facet of the events along with encouraging her to verbalize the emotional process that took place, you are communicating your ability to understand how she feels while also imparting your concern and caring. You are letting her know that you are able to sustain her painful feelings and are not afraid of them, angered by them, or unable to hear them. As she tells you about them, you are in fact emotionally containing them for her so that she can gain some space from them and some control over them. More importantly you are sending the message that life has its disappointments and that she is strong enough to endure them and work through them. How does she know this? Because you are containing and sharing her feelings in a way that shows strength and acceptance.
In some instances, the expression of the feelings are all that is required and necessary. In many cases, however, there is another step that follows which is to problem-solve. In Suzie's case, it would be important to find out if she has had other trouble with these particular friends. Or perhaps she needs to develop some other friendships if the girls in question have been routinely rejecting or cruel. It might also be that Suzie has contributed to the problem in some way, but has no awareness of it. A thorough examination of all the possibilities would help Suzie learn to analyze problems to see if there are ways she can resolve them. Having her own slumber party as mentioned above might be just fine once she has thoroughly worked through her hurt feelings and analyzed the situation to see if she has somehow contributed to it. Whatever the solution, the important thing is that you are allowing your child to have the experience of emotional disappointment, rejection, hurt, frustration, anger, or whatever the feeling or combination of feelings may be. Secondly, you are teaching her how to express these feelings verbally (as opposed to acting them out). Third, you are fostering self-examination and insight that will become invaluable as your child gets older. Finally, you are teaching your child how to channel negative feelings into positive actions through a process of problem solving.
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First Date Do's and Don'ts

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First dates are a necessary evil in the lives of singles. They combine the pressure of job interviews with the artificiality of plastic flowers. You’re willing to do practically anything to make a good impression; all the while you’re observing each move your date makes with the suspicious air of a judge looking down his/her nose at a defendant.

With all the high hopes, expectations and fears men and women bring to the table on a first date, it’s a wonder anyone makes it to the second these days. To aid in the progress of l’amour au courant, here are some first date do’s and don’ts to follow:


Be yourself. Let me amend that to be your best self. This is not the time to admit to all the vulnerabilities and insecurities that regularly beset you, nor to share the story of how the shock of catching your fiancĂ© in bed with your brother landed you in a mental institution. Trot out the tried-and-true tales that showcase your sweet and sparkling personality.

Be a good listener. The purpose of this strategy is twofold. A man likes a woman who isn’t a conversation hog. He wants the opportunity to shine in your eyes by trotting out his tried-and-true tales. Plus, allowing him to orate gives you the chance to discern what makes him tick. If he talks about how all of his ex girlfriends are bitter, selfish, man-hating crones, imagine their side of the story. If he admits to not being the marrying kind, that’s valuable information to have early on as well. (No, you won’t change him!) If he talks about how the thing that gives life meaning for him is being involved in a love relationship - well, isn’t that good info to know?

Try to have fun. Your life does not hang in the balance. It’s just a date. All you’re really doing is hanging out for a few hours with a new acquaintance. Lighten up.


Pretend to be someone you’re not. If you eat meat and he’s a vegetarian, fess up to your carnivorous ways. Ditto if you’re a two-pack-a-day gal and he’s a non-smoker. The truth will always out eventually: Sooner is truly better than later.

Make a snap judgment about your feelings toward him. Unless he’s a total boor or potential nutcase, give him another try or two before writing him off. Rush to first date judgment and you’ll have lots and lots of time to regret the hasty rejection of someone who might have been the love of your life.

Leave him hanging. If you’d like to see him again, say, "I had a great time. The time really flew." Yes, you can kiss him goodnight but don’t act desperate to set up a second date on the spot. If the first date is all she wrote for you, say, "It was a pleasure meeting you. All the best." Don’t dilute the message by engaging in kissy-kissy.
The most important first tip of all: Date safe. Don’t take risks with your safety. Just because your cousin’s friend’s boss introduced you to this guy doesn’t mean you should invite a virtual stranger in for some wine and music. Besides, not rushing into intimacy gives you something to look forward to on future dates.

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8 Langkah Putus

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8 Langkah Putus

1. Ganti Status : It’s Complicated

Kalau si dia udah nggak asik lagi, dan kamu mau mulai ngasih signal-signal bahwa hubungan kamu udah mulai ribet, ganti Facebook relationship status menjadi: It’s Complicated.

Ini juga gunanya supaya seluruh jagat internet tau kamu lagi ada problem dengan hubungan dan bisa digunakan untuk mendapatkan bala bantuan. Plus itung-itung juga mulai naikin pasaran “akan menjadi jomblo”. Orang-orang jadi tahu kamu sebentar lagi available.

2. No Mention Tweet

Setelah itu boleh tuh kamu meluapkan rasa kecewa/kesel kamu itu di twitter, tapi dengan format no mention. Ini supaya orang-orang di jagad internet tau kalau kamu sedang ada problem dengan sebuah hubungan, tapi objeknya enggak kena langsung, cuma semua orang tau. Mantep kan efek no mention ini.

Dari sini kamu bisa melihat apakah si dia ngerasa kena no mention kamu itu atau enggak, caranya cek aja timeline dia lalu lihat kalau kamu ngerasa tersindir di tweet2 no mentionnya dia, berarti genderang perang sudah ditabuhkan.
Well, selain itu setidaknya kalau kamu sharing sedikit hati kamu yang mampet itu bisa sedikit lega dan kamu bisa fokus untuk langkah-langkah putus berikutnya.

3. Unfollow

Langkah tegas pertama adalah unfollow di Twitter. Ini adalah semacam diplomasi, meskipun kamu masih bisa pantau timeline dia dengan cara lain, orang akan lebih berasa *jdeeeng* ketika diunfollow.

Kalau si dia masih belum ngerasa di unfollow kamu, bisa tambahin combo unfollow + no mention. Beehh, itu dijamin kerasa banget dan bikin nyebelin.

4. Protect Tweets

Yang penting kamu lakukan juga adalah langsung segera protect Twitter account kamu setelah melakukan 3 langkah di atas tadi.

Jadi ketika dia ngerasa ngeh di unfollow kamu, pasti dia penasaran dengan membuka timeline kamu, tapi karena protected, jadinya dia tidak bisa mendapatkan info apa-apa tentang kamu. Dan kamu bisa semakin leluasa ngapa-ngapain di timeline kamu tanpa dia bisa tahu. Sekarang posisi 1 – 0 buat kamu.

5. Block Twitter

Gempuran berikutnya yang bisa kamu lakukan adalah block account Twitternya.

Si dia akan semakin buta terhadap sepak terjang kamu di dunia perTwitteran. Ini bagus dilakukan supaya kamu bisa tenang untuk pedekate ke cewe berikutnya tanpa ketahuan sama si dia yang sedang kamu coba untuk putusin.

6. Delete Friend

Di Twitter udah aman, sekarang ke ranah Facebook, segera delete dia as friend kamu. Jadi si dia juga nggak bisa ngoprek-ngoprek profile kamu. Plus jangan lupa untuk setting sharing post/picnya cuma ke friend aja.

7. Report As Spam

Sudah beres semua? Kamu sudah aman dari si dia? Sekarang adalah inti dari mutusin 2.0, yaitu report si dia as spam.

Dengan begitu kamu benar-benar sudah putus dari dia dan bisa memulai hidup baru lagi dengan yang lain menggunakan yang sudah kamu kuasai.

8. Ganti Status: Single!

Ini adalah saatnya merayakan. Buka profile Facebook kamu dan ke bagian relationship status, lalu ganti dengan: Single!

Sejagad internet sekarang tahu, kamu seorang yang cemen, yang pedekate melalui internet sekarang telah kembali ke asalnya, menjadi seorang jomblo di internet yang siap mencari mangsa lagi. Pada saat setelah mengganti status single ini, kamu harus segera ngajak teman-teman kamu yang lain untuk minum-minum merayakannya.
Selamat mencoba!

  sumber : http://adf.ly/2NcHy

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es lemon segar

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menambah kesegaran air dingin kamu dengan es lemon di dalamnya.
potong lemon tipis-tipis dan bekukan dengan air secukupnya,
saat sudah membeku dan menjadi es,
kamu bisa rendam es lemon tersebut ke dalam teko berisi teh/minuman lainnya,
dengan di tambahkan es lemon kedalam teko minuman kamu akan merasakan
kesegaran lemon yang unik, yang belum pernah terbayangkan.!

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Minggu, 14 Agustus 2011

Trik dan Tips Mempercepat Modem Semua Model

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Tahukah Anda bahwa kecepatan koneksi internet dapat ditingkatkan dengan mengubah beberapa setting tertentu pada Windows. Walaupun sekarang sudah banyak software-software untuk mempercepat koneksi internet mungkin Anda juga tidak akan rugi untuk mengetahui cara mempercepat modem secara "manual" seperti yang tercantum di bawah ini:

Cara Pertama

1. Dari Control Panel, klik icon Modem.

2. Pada kotak dialog Modem Properties, pilih modem yang akan diubah settingnya dan klik pada tombol Properties

3. Pada tab General, ubah Maximum Speed menjadi 115200

4. Pindah ke tab Connection dan klik tombol Port Setting.

5. Dari kotak dialog Advanced Port Setting, beri tanda check pada Use FIFO buffers. Kemudian ubah Receive Buffer menjadi 14 dan Transmit Buffer menjadi 16. Lalu klik OK.

6. Klik button Advanced, beri tanda check pada Use Flow Control.

7. Kemudian pilih radio button Hardware. Pada bagian Extra Setting, isi dengan &C1&D2E1Q0V1X4%C0 S7=55 S11=55 S0=0.

Cara Kedua

1. Dari Control Panel, klik icon System.

2. Pindah ke tab Device Manager.

3. Pada bagian Ports (COM & LPT), pilih port yang digunakan oleh modem Anda dan klik tombol Properties.

4. Pindah ke tab Port Settings.

5. Pada bagian Bits per second, isi dengan 921600.

Cara Ketiga

1. Buka file system.ini yang terletak di C:Windows.

2. Pada bagian [386Enh], tambahkan dengan COM1Buffer=16384. Ubah COM1 dengan port yang digunakan oleh modem.

dan yang terakir dan paling wajib adalah.....
penggunaan Wajanbolic

  1. Wajan diameter 36″ (semakin besar diametr semakin bagus)
  2. PVC paralon tipis diameter 3″ 1 meter
  3. Doff 3″ (tutup PVC paralon) 2 buah
  4. Aluminium foil
  5. Baut + mur ukuran 12 atau 14
  6. N Connector female
  7. kawat tembaga no.3
  8. Double tape + lakban
  1. Penggaris
  2. Pisau/ Cutter
  3. Solder + timah nya
  4. Gergaji besi
Perkiraan harga yang dikeluarkan untuk membeli bahan WajanBolic adalah kurang dari Rp 100.000,-. Bandingkan jikan Anda harus membeli antenna Grid 24db, yang bikinan local saja mencapai Rp 500.000,- lebih dan yang import bisa mencapai Rp 1.000.000,- lebih. Atau membeli antenna grid local yang harga nya Rp 200.000,- sedangkan yang import bisa mencapai Rp 300.000 lebih.
  1. Siapkan semua bahan dan peralatan yang dibutuhkan.
  2. Lubangi wajan tepat di tengah wajan tersebut seukuran baut 12 atau 14, cukup satu lubang saja.
Kemudia, ukur diametr wajan, kedalaman wajan dan feeder/ titik focus. Untuk lebih jelas nya silahkan liat gambar di bawah.
Contoh :
Parabolic dish dg D = 70 cm, d = 20 cm maka jarak titik focus dari center dish : F = D^2/(16*d) = 70^2 / (16*20) = 15.3 cm
Pada titik focus tsb dipasang ujung feeder. Untuk mendapatkan gain maksimum.
  1. Potong PVC paralon sepanjang 30 cm, kemudian beri tanda untuk jarak feeder nya (daerah bebas aluminium foil). Untuk menentukan panjang feeder nya gunakan rumus di atas.
  2. Beri lubang pada bagian paralon untuk meletakkan N Connector
  3. Potong kawat tembaga yang sudah disiapkan sesuai dengan ukuran yang didapatkan dari hasil kalkulasi website di atas. Dan solderkan pada N Connector yang telah di siapkan
  4. Selanjut nya, bungkus PVC paralon dengan dgn aluminium foil pada daerah selain feeder, klo aluminium foil yang ada tanpa perekat, maka untuk merekatkan nya bisa menggunakan double tape
  5. Lalu pasangkan N connector ke PVC Paralon yang telah dilubangi td
  6. Pada bagian doff (tutup PVC paralon) yang akan di pasang pada ujung dekat dengan N Connector harus di beri aluminium foil, sedangkan doff yang di pasang pada wajan tidak perlu di beri aluminium foil
  7. Dan pasangkan doff tersebut ke PVC paralon
  8. Kemudian, wajan yang telah di bolongi tadi dipasangkan dengan doff yang satu nya lagi, sebelum nya doff tersebut dilubangi sesuai dengan ukuran bautyang sudah di siapkan, dan kencangkan secukup nya.
  9. Kemudian tinggal pasangkan PVC paralon tadi ke wajan yang sudah di pasang doff.
  10. Dan Wajan bolic sudah siap untuk digunakan browsing, atau paling tidak untuk wardriving.

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Selasa, 09 Agustus 2011

cek lokasi tlp

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Mau tau lokasi temanmu.?
cek aja nomor tlpnya <(")
nanti kamu bisa tau deh dia di mana

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Sabtu, 06 Agustus 2011

Membuat update status kosong di Facebook

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Membuat update status kosong di Facebook.!!!

lagsung aja :
gini caranya :

kalian tinggal tulis ini di FB nya terus post deh..
@[2:2: ]


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Senin, 01 Agustus 2011

belajar membuat gelombang energi

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gelombang energi yang sering disebut PSI BALL memang bisa di lakukan.!

sedikit gambaran akan PSI :

dan berikut adalah tutorial singkatnya :
Sebelumnya, coba anda duduk dengan rileks di ruangan yang tenang, lalu pejamkan mata anda, rasakan udara di sekitarmu terdapat energi, sinar matahari, suhu, suara merupakan energi, di bumi, alam ini, anda bisa merasakan adanya energi di sekitar anda.

Memulai latihan.............
1. Dekatkan kedua tanganmu seperti memegang bola (idealnya seukuran rasengan, kedua tangan jangan bersentuhan)

2. Pejamkan matamu, lalu fokuslah ke antara kedua telapak tanganmu

3. Sekarang rasakan energi di sekitarmu berkumpul di situ, rasakan energi terus berkumpul dan membentuk sebuah bola di tengah antara kedua telapak tanganmu, mungkin anda akan merasakan kehangatan, dorongan dan tarikan atau terasa putaran, bahkan listrik halus, berarti anda berhasil mengumpulkan energi

4. Biarkan energi berkumpul, rasakan bola energi itu semakin kuat, tapi tetap pada ukurannya

Anda telah membuat sebuah psi ball, langkah ke 5 - 6 ini terserah......

5. Seletah energinya terasa cukup besar, jangan buka matamu dulu, coba kasih sugesti ke bola itu, misalnya cuaca berubah, teman anda yang kurang enak badan menjadi sembuh, atau apa saja, curahkan imaginasimu ke bola itu

6. Buka matamu dan lemparkan bola itu dengan lembut

Tips: Jangan memaksa, tetapi 'biarkan dan rasakan' energi berkumpul di tengah antara kedua telapak tanganmu

tutorial lebih lengkap di mari : http://www.google.co.id/search?q=psi+ball&oe=utf-8&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&client=firefox-a&um=1&hl=id&biw=1024&bih=652&ie=UTF-8&sa=N&tab=iw
Description: belajar membuat gelombang energi Rating: 4.5 Reviewer: deldywoy godspeed - ItemReviewed: belajar membuat gelombang energi

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